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Welcome to the classic computer game of "Santa Paravia en Fiumaccio"

You are the ambitious ruler of a 15th century Italian city-state. Rule well and you will promoted to King - and win the game. Rule poorly, and you will die less successful.

This game is free to play online. It is web based and requires no software installation.

I have tried to keep this game close to the orginal game, which was mostly text based -- there was one graphics screen. Much of the text based interface has been redesigned as forms. The graphics screen has been kept as-is for nostalga's sake. The original game was for 1 to 6 players. Because of the complexity of mult-player, online games -- I have made this a single-player version. If you loved the original game, I think you'll like this one.



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© Charlton MonCrief 2006
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